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Ex-proof Led Light

  • big eye Explosion-proof light

    big eye Explosion-proof light

    Light source module: using high- brightness LED light source , with high-efficiency constant current drive power, saving up to 60% of electricity than gas discharge lamps; LED components are all sealed , waterproof and dustproof, without internal cleaning and maintenance;low thermal resistance of the circuit board , special in the designed module circuit , the failure of each unit will not affect the normal operation of other components .

  • Kingkong Explosion-proof light 30-200W

    Kingkong Explosion-proof light 30-200W

    1 . The radiator design is made of special cast aluminum alloy die-casting , and the surface is high- pressure electrostatic spray;
    2 . High corrosion- resistant stainless steel exposed solid parts;
    3 . The spigot , threaded explosion- proof joint surface , and pure explosion- proof structure , makes better explosion- proof performance Reliable;

  • Long torch Explosion-proof light 20-60W

    Long torch Explosion-proof light 20-60W

    The power supply shell is made of aluminum alloy high pressure die-casting , and the surface is high-voltage electrostatic spray;
    High- purity aluminum profile light source cavity shell , surface oxidation treatment , good thermal conductivity, good anti-corrosion performance , not easy to adhere to oil;
    Using high-quality LED light source , more than 50% energy saving than fluorescent lamps;