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Long torch Explosion-proof light 20-60W

Long torch Explosion-proof light 20-60W

Short Description:

The power supply shell is made of aluminum alloy high pressure die-casting , and the surface is high-voltage electrostatic spray;
High- purity aluminum profile light source cavity shell , surface oxidation treatment , good thermal conductivity, good anti-corrosion performance , not easy to adhere to oil;
Using high-quality LED light source , more than 50% energy saving than fluorescent lamps;

Product Detail

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Product Tags

◆Professional and precise light distribution design maximizes the primary reflectance of light , thereby greatly improving the efficiency of the lamp;
◆Equipped with high-efficiency LED electronic drive , higher reliability and longer life;
◆Excellent heat dissipation structure design improves the overall reliability and life span of the lamp and reduces maintenance costs;
◆High-quality PC material transparent cover, light diffusion technology, reasonable light distribution , effectively avoid glare , making the light more uniform and soft;
◆Special constant current and constant voltage power supply, wide voltage input , constant power output , with shunt , constant current , open circuit , short circuit protection functions;
◆Exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel with high corrosion resistance;
◆It can be equipped with an integrated emergency, when the power supply is cut off, the lamp will automatically switch to the emergency lighting state;
◆Cable wiring , steel pipe wiring , please specify.

The main technical parameters

Model (Ⅰ) Type (Ⅱ) Type (Ⅲ) Type
Executive standard

Gb3836 (equivalent to IEC60079, EN series standards)     /GB12476 (equivalent to IEC61241, EN series standards)

Explosion - proof mark

ExnR ll T6 Gb/Ex tDA21 IP66 T80℃

Rated voltage 110 -260VAC
Frequency Range 50Hz
Rated power 20W 40W 60W
LED luminous flux 1900lm 3600lm 5300lm
Power factor ≥0.95
Power Efficiency ≥0.88
Color rendering index ≥80
Inrush current Cold start/Cold; 30A(max) 230VAC
Safety UL8750,TUV EN61347 - 1, EN61347 -2 - 13
Battery compatibility standard EN61000 - 3 -2,TUV EN61347 - 1, EN61347 -2 - 13
Protection level IP 66
Anti -corrosion grade Wf2
Inlet thread G1/2"
Cable specifications Φ7-Φ12mm
Installation method X: Ceiling type B: Wall suction type G: Suspension rod type H: Guardrail vertical rod type

f: French railing vertical rod type W: Curved rod type

working environment Temperature; -40 -45℃ Humidity: 10% -90%
Work life ≥50000H
product weight 1.7kg 1.7kg 2. 5kg

Curve Distribution& Structure

deta (1)
deta (2)



1.Must have earth line in the right application!
2.After Earthing. must use insulation tape, insure the separating and water-prool.
3.Fastening the screw, take care any loose condition!
4.Input voltage not exceeding AC100-277V1 DC24V!

After sale service

Response in 2 hours if you have any problem when you receive the goods.
Below condition is free of repairig.
Damage due to faulty aplication and operation
Damage due to transportation
Damage due to self repalring.
Damage due to natural disaster

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