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big eye Explosion-proof light

big eye Explosion-proof light

Short Description:

Light source module: using high- brightness LED light source , with high-efficiency constant current drive power, saving up to 60% of electricity than gas discharge lamps; LED components are all sealed , waterproof and dustproof, without internal cleaning and maintenance;low thermal resistance of the circuit board , special in the designed module circuit , the failure of each unit will not affect the normal operation of other components .

Product Detail

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Product Tags

◆ Power module: high-efficiency constant current drive power supply with intelligent power regulator; with luminous flux compensation function , reduce light attenuation , and ensure the light efficiency of LED light source; with overvoltage protection , overcurrent protection and surge current protection functions .
◆Heat dissipation module: The explosion- proof lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy high- pressure casting , and the surface is shot blasted and high-voltage electrostatic spray, which effectively improves the heat dissipation performance of the shell; the circuit board is close to the aluminum alloy shell , which can instantly convert the point heat source into surface heat source , the heat dissipation area is doubled , which is conducive to the rapid dispersion of heat and improves the heat dissipation efficiency; the surface of the shell has air flow dispersion grooves to take away the heat by air flow; the high density of heat dissipation fins greatly increases the heat dissipation area and fully ensures the heat dissipation of the LED requirements , and longer service life .
◆ Light distribution module: specially designed light distribution components for each type of lamp , giving full play to the performance of the lamp .
◆No ultraviolet radiation , can provide high-quality lighting and health protection for users who work indoors for a long time .
◆The light source and the power supply adopt an integrated structure , the power supply cavity is equipped with dumpling chains , which makes the lamp installation more convenient .
◆This series of lamps are maintenance-free products , energy-saving and environmentally friendly .
◆ The wall- mounted installation rotation angle is adjustable , cable wiring , ceiling- mounted , embedded cable or steel pipe wiring can be used for type installation .
◆The exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel with high corrosion resistance .


Scope of application
●Applicable to explosive gas environment Zone 1 and Zone 2;
●Applicable to IIA , IIB , IIC level explosive gas environment;
●Applicable to the environment with temperature group T1~T4;
●Applicable to petroleum extraction , storage , chemical industry, Explosive dangerous environments such as medicine , military industry and military facilities .
●Used as factory area or road lighting;
●Three specifications of products are available; floodlight , cast light and street light .


Model Big eye
Executive standard Gb3836 . 1 、 Gb3836 .2 、 Gb3836 .3 、 Gb3836 .9 、 EC60079-0 、 EC60079- 1 、 EC60079-7 、 EC60079- 18
Explosion- proof mark Exd llCT4
Rated voltage AC90-270VAC
Frequency Range 50Hz
Rated power 50W 100W 150W
LED luminous flux 5000lm 10000lm 15000lm
Power factor ≥0 .90
Power Efficiency ≥0 .88
Color rendering index ≥70
Color temperature 2700K-6500K
Light source LED light source
Luminous efficiency 90lm/w
Protection level IP 66
Anti-corrosion grade WFI
Inlet thread G3/4"
Cable specifications Φ9 -Φ14mm
Installation method x: ceiling type/ b: wall suction /q:Embedded
Lamp type floodlight , cast light and street light
Lifespan ≥50000H
Product weight 3 .5kg

Curve Distribution& Structure

deta (2)
deta (1)


deta (3)

1.Must have earth line in the right application!
2.After Earthing ,must use insulation tape,insure the separating and water-proof.
3.Fastening the sorew,in case it gets loose!
4.input voltage not exceeding AC100~277V/DC24V!

After sale service

Response in 2 hours if you have any problem when you receive the goods .
Below condition is free of repairing .
Damage due to faulty application and operation .
Damage due to transportation .
Damage due to self repairing .
Damage due to natural disaster.

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