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Kingkong Explosion-proof light 30-200W

Kingkong Explosion-proof light 30-200W

Short Description:

1 . The radiator design is made of special cast aluminum alloy die-casting , and the surface is high- pressure electrostatic spray;
2 . High corrosion- resistant stainless steel exposed solid parts;
3 . The spigot , threaded explosion- proof joint surface , and pure explosion- proof structure , makes better explosion- proof performance Reliable;

Product Detail

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Product Tags

1. Standard three- box separated structure design , and modular installation combination . effectively reduce the temperature rise and ensure the long life of the lamp;
2. Professionally designed light distribution system , multi- point light , high light utilization , reasonable light distribution , uniform illumination and no glare;
3. High-strength transparent tempered glass , impact resistance and Strong heat resistance and high light transmittance;
4. Constant current power supply with wide voltage input , constant current output , with protection functions such as shunting , anti-surge , over-current , open circuit , high temperature , anti- electromagnetic interference , etc . ;
5. Power Factor Cosp≥0 .95;
6. It can be equipped with a combined emergency device according to the requirements of use , when the power supply is cut off, it can automatically switch to the emergency lighting state;
7.steel pipe or cable wiring .


Emergency parameters/intelligent dimming
Emergency start time (S) Charging time (h) Emergency power (W) Emergency lighting time (min)
≤0.3 24 10~50 optional ≥60min,  90min optional

Scope of application

1 . Applicable to areas 1 and 2 of explosive environment;
2 . Applicable to areas 21 and 22 of explosive dust environment;
3 . Applicable to explosive gas atmospheres of IIA , IIB , and IIC;
4 . Applicable to T1~T6 temperature Group;
5 . Suitable for energy-saving renovation projects and places where maintenance and replacement are difficult;
6 . Widely used for lighting in places such as petroleum exploration , oil refining , chemical industry, military industry, textile , food processing , offshore oil platforms , and tankers .

Feature display





deta (1)

Curve Distribution& Structure

deta (2)
deta (2)
deta (3)



1.Must have earth line in the right application!
2.After Earthing ,must use insulation tape,insure the separating and water-proof.
3.Fastening the sorew,in case it gets loose! 4.input voltage not exceeding AC100~277V/DC24V!

After sale service

Response in 2 hours if you have any problem when you receive the goods .
Below condition is free of repairing .
Damage due to faulty application and operation .
Damage due to transportation .
Damage due to self repairing .
Damage due to natural disaster.

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