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MARS Shouzai Industrial street light 50-100W

MARS Shouzai Industrial street light 50-100W

Short Description:

Stainless steel exposed fasteners with high corrosion resistance;
High-quality toughened high-throw glass transparent cover, reducing dust accumulation, easy to clean and maintain;
Adopt a transparent hollow heat dissipation design, and a patented design with a heat guide line added to the radiator;
Using armor-type light source cavity cover design, which facilitates the disassembly of the lamp and facilitates maintenance;
Customized constant current voltage input(AC95-265V), power supply, wide no flicker, lightning protection (surge) level above 10KV, etc.;
Power factor ≥0.95;

Product Detail

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ITEM Symbol Min . Typical Max . Condition Remark
Working Voltage(V) Vin 100(AC) 220(AC) 305(AC)
Working frequency(Hz) f 47 50-60 63
Power Factor PF 0 .90 0 .96 0 .98 AC220V,25°/C/DC24V/25C
Lumen efficiency(lm/w) 120 - 150
Starting time(ms) Φ 5000 AC220V,25°C/AC220V/25°C
Color temperature(K) CCT 270 6000 Option1
Working temperature(°C) Temp -20 45 AC22DC24V/25C/DC24V,25°C
Moisture(%) RH 10 90
Lifetime(hrs) MTTF 50000 AC220V,25°C/DC24V/25°C
Weight(kg) Weight 3 .6KG Nopacking
Nozzle(mm) L620mm W200mm H90mm
I P IP Class IP 65
Shell Material ADC12
Power factor ≥0 . 95

Curve Distribution& Structure




After sale service

Response in 2 hours if you have any problem when you receive the good.
Below condition is free of repairing.
Damage due to faulty application and operation.
Damage due to transportation.
Damage due to self repairing.
Damage due to natural disaster.

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